Abu Dhabi

Welcome to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

The emirate of Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven emirates that comprise the UAE. It covers more than 85 per cent of the country’s total landmass, including 700 kilometres of coastline and more than 200 natural islands.

As the country’s capital and the seat of
the federal government, the island city of Abu Dhabi is a gateway to development. A dynamic and progressive tourism destination, the emirate is focusing on the future while preserving the nation’s heritage, culture and environment.

With a varied landscape stretching southwards to the famous Liwa oasis – home to the largest sand dunes in the region – and eastwards to the Garden City of Al Ain, the natural environment is Abu Dhabi’s greatest resource.

Abu Dhabi, literally meaning ‘Father of the Gazelle’, has come a long way since its first traces of civilisation dating back to 5000 BC. The land of the Arabian Oryx and gazelles, pearl diving and date farming has blossomed into the one of the world’s fastest growing cities since the discovery of oil.

Today, traditional Arab hospitality adds warmth to a thriving cosmopolitan lifestyle. Sun-kissed beaches on the azure waters of the Arabian Sea. Tree-lined avenues and lush gardens dot the urban cityscape. Traditional architecture – domes, arches and minarets – shares the skyline with towering skyscrapers.

A destination for the experience-hungry traveller, the emirate has something for everyone – from rugged mountain ranges to pristine beaches, from the dynamism of a 21st century city to the tranquillity of the desert. The vision of progress in Abu Dhabi incorporates a commitment to preserve the environment. The future holds great promise for the UAE capital, and the dream is to build it in harmony with nature.

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